3.5L Juice And Drink Dispenser

৳ 550.00

  • 3.5L Juice and Drink Dispenser in Bangladesh
  • Made of durable PP material
  • High capacity with filter and volume scale
  • Suitable for hot and cold beverages
  • Easy to clean with smooth surface
  • Leak-proof plastic water container
  • Ideal for cooling beverages and serving drinks

In Bangladesh, the 3.5L Juice and Drink Dispenser offers durability with its excellent PP material. It features a high capacity, filter, volume scale, and V spout, suitable for various beverages like hot and cold water, tea, juice, and wine. Its smooth surface ensures easy cleaning. This dispenser is designed to hold 3.5 liters of liquid, making it ideal for gatherings and events. With a leak-proof plastic water container, it ensures mess-free dispensing.

dispenser Whether used for cooling beverages or serving drinks, this dispenser provides convenience and functionality.


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