BOYA M1 Microphone (BOYA Official Product)

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  • Boya M1 Microphone

    • Versatile Compatibility: Suitable for smartphones, DSLRs, PCs, camcorders, and audio recorders.
    • Omnidirectional Condenser: Captures high-quality sound with minimal handling noise.
    • Long Cable: 6-meter cable for flexibility in various recording situations.
    • Included Accessories: Comes with a carrying case, lapel clip, windscreen, LR44 battery, and 1/4″ adapter.
    • Easy to Use: Plug-and-play design, perfect for interviews, video recordings, and voiceovers.
    • Specifications:
      • Frequency Range: 65 Hz to 18 KHz
      • Sensitivity: -30dB ± 3dB
      • Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 74dB SPL
      • Connector: 3.5mm 4-pole gold plug
      • Dimensions: 18.00 x 8.30 x 8.30 mm
      • Weight: Microphone 2.5g, Power module 18g
  • 6 months Warranty Except Burn or Physical Damage
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Bangladesh’s first Boya M1 microphone
The Boya M1 Microphone is a high-quality clip-on microphone that may be used with DSLRs, PCs, camcorders, audio recorders, and cellphones. It has an omnidirectional condenser, which produces less handling noise and great sound quality. Additionally, its lengthy cord allows using it with cellphones and other devices lacking a 3.5mm input socket simple. You can maximize the potential of your video recordings with the aid of this product!

Together with one noise-canceling wind foam and a detachable mic clip, the M1 comes with a neat carrying case.
A clip-on microphone for smartphones, DSLRs, camcorders, audio recorders, and PCs is the Boya M1. It has a premium condenser and is an omnidirectional condenser microphone. a lengthy cable microphone, plus the added bonus if it’s a clip microphone. In Bangladesh, a professional, small, and compact clip microphone will provide you everything you need.

A premium clip-on microphone for DSLR cameras, camcorders, smartphones, and other audio recorders is the BOYA M1. With its cardioid pickup pattern, this omnidirectional condenser microphone is ideal for recording live instruments or voices.

Having a lengthy cable microphone is frequently necessary, and having a clip microphone adds even more benefits. In Bangladesh, a professional, small, and compact clip microphone will provide you everything you need. This is a helpful conversation regarding the value of a microphone.


A smartphone or other device with a 3.5mm headphone jack can be used to connect the Boya M1, a lavalier microphone. It works well for capturing audio for lectures, interviews, and other situations where you need to record sound while you’re far away.

The Boya M1 comes with a carrying case, windscreen, and lapel clip, among other accessories. Its two Omni-directional capsules offer 360° of coverage.

A lavalier, or lapel, microphone that works with tablets, smartphones, and other gadgets is the BOYA M1 Microphone. It’s perfect for voice recordings, video conferences, interviews, and more.

A unidirectional condenser microphone on the Boya M1 allows it to record sound just from its front. By doing this, background noise is lessened and accurate recording quality is guaranteed. In order to lessen vibration and noise from movement, the microphone additionally features an integrated shock mount. Additionally, a foam windscreen is included to help lessen interference and wind noise.


The omnidirectional Lavalier microphone BOYA M1 is ideal for use with smartphones, DSLRs, camcorders, audio recorders, PCs, and other video-related devices. The Omni pickup design of the Lavalier microphone provides complete 360-degree coverage. A built-in 20-meter (6-inch) cable featuring a 3.5mm 4-pole gold plug is compatible with most cameras and smartphones.


Utilizing the BOYA M1 Microphone: For Mobile Devices

Turn off the microphone. Turn the smartphone’s ON/OFF switch up to OFF.

The electricity is off.

For PCs, DSLRs, audio recorders, camcorders, etc.

Turn on the microphone. Turn the ON/OFF switch to ON.

Qualities of the BOYA M1 Clip-On Microphone Compatible with PCs, DSLRs, Camcorders, Audio Recorders, and Smartphones, etc.

All-around condenser microphone

For video application, a high-quality condenser is best.

minimal handling noise Lapel clip, LR44 battery, foam windscreen, and 1/4″ adapter are included.

  • Details:
  • Name: Boya
  • Boya Model Number: BY-M1
  • Electret condenser as the transducer
  • Polar pattern: all-encompassing
  • Regularity Range: 18 KHz to 65 Hz
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: 74dB SPL
  • Sensitivity: 1 kHz, 1 V/Pa, -30dB +/- 3dB / 0dB
  • Maximum output impedance of 1000 ohms
  • Connector: 1/8-inch, 3.5mm 4-pole gold plug
  • Add-ons Lapel clip, LR44 battery, foam windscreen, and 1/4″ adapter are included.
  • Type of Battery: LR44 Dimensions: Microphone dimensions: 18.00 x 8.30 x 8.30 mm
  • The cable is 6.0 meters long.
  • Weight: 2.5g for the microphone
  • 18g is the power module.


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