COLMI P71 Calling Smartwatch – Gold Color

৳ 2,150.00

The COLMI P71 Calling Smartwatch in Bangladesh offers voice calling, health monitoring, and smart notifications. With a 1.9″ HD display and long battery life, it’s a feature-rich yet affordable option.

The cost of the COLMI P71 calling smartwatch in Bangladesh.
Voice calling, fitness tracking, and intelligent notifications are just a few of the features available on the reasonably priced COLMI P71 Calling Smartwatch. It features an integrated speaker and microphone, a 1.9-inch HD display, and a 230mAh battery that can run the device for up to 20 days in sleep mode.


Chipset of choice: Realtek RTL8763E
screen size: 1.9″ with a large color TFT display.
Pixel resolution on the screen: 240*285
Li-pol battery with a 230 mAh capacity.
Life of Battery: 20 days or more in standby mode
Usage Patterns: For up to ten days Modes of Heavy

Use: Up to 5 days Call in silence for up to 280 minutes It takes roughly 1.5 hours to charge.
About This Smartwatch: Waterproof Level: IP68 Waterproof APP: “Pubu Wear”

Voice Calling: Calls can be placed and taken right from the COLMI P71 watch. If you have to leave your phone behind or don’t want to carry it around all the time, this is useful. You can use the watch’s dial pad to dial a number or choose a contact from your phone’s contact list to place a call.  All you have to do is press the watch’s answer button to answer a call.

Smart Notifications: Your phone’s calls, texts, emails, and social media posts can all be received via the COLMI P71. This enables you to maintain contact even when your phone is not with you. It is also possible to personalize the alerts that you get on your wristwatch.
Other functions: The COLMI P71 boasts a wide range of functions, including an alarm clock, music player, camera remote, and weather forecast, in addition to the ones already listed. Additionally, it is IP68 waterproof, so you may use it swimming or in the rain.



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