U-Shape Converter- 3.5mm Audio Splitter For Headphone and Microphone

৳ 100.00

– Premium U-shaped audio splitter with 1 male to 2 female 3.5mm jacks
– Made of durable metal and plastic in white color
– Compatible with Walkman, iPod, MP3 players, PCs, and more
– Ideal for microphone and headphone usage
– Versatile use with cell phones, laptops, tablets, and other gadgets


Bangladeshi Price of U-Shape Converter: 3.5mm Audio Splitter for Headphones and Microphones
If you own a two-port microphone or headphone, this is an essential piece of equipment. This audio splitter can also be used as a TRS to TRRS converter adapter. You may utilize a PC microphone on laptops and cellphones with this easy converter.


The U-shaped audio splitter’s main features are:
Completely brand-new, premium U-shaped jack type: 1 3.5mm male in position 4 to 2 * 3.5mm female in position 3
Composition: metal and plastic
Color of U-shaped splitter: white
Fits Walkman, iPod, MP3 player, portable CD/DVD player, PC, and other devices with a 3.5mm earphone jack.
U-Shape 3.5mm Audio Splitter: Completely brand-new, premium U-shape jack for microphone and headphones
composition: metal and plastic
Sort: Audio Extension Cable
U Type is a feature.
Use: Cell phones, laptops, tablets, and more gadgets
Included in the package is one 3.5mm U-shaped Jack splitter.


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