G8 Sports Neckband With Magnetic Headsets

৳ 550.00

In Bangladesh, get the G8 Sports Neckbands with Magnetic Headsets exclusively at DROPSHAP.COM. Enjoy strong bass, high-fidelity stereo sound, and noise cancellation with Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity. Compatible with most devices, these headsets offer a 90mAh battery for up to 6 hours of music and 12 hours standby. Ideal for clear calls and quality audio.


In Bangladesh, G8 Sports Neckbands with Magnetic Headsets
Bangladesh now offers the G8 Sports Neckband With Magnetic Headsets. Only at DROPSHAP.COM can you get the authentic merchandise at the lowest possible cost.BD and take pleasure in the quality, guaranteed to provide the greatest customer care in Bangladesh.

Strong bass is produced by the drum cavity, and it may be heard in both hip-hop folk tunes and rock DJ mixes.
It has a high-quality microphone that records your speech properly, and you may use a simple cable control to answer calls clearly when exercising in noisy environments.

Specifications: Complete fresh out of the box!
stereo sound quality with great fidelity.
High-fidelity crystal sound is ensured by the integrated noise cancellation technology and highly sensitive microphone.
sophisticated Bluetooth-capable 5.2 The improved BT V5.2 chip offers a low-power, quick, and reliable connection.
The majority of smartphones, iPhones, Android gadgets, and other Bluetooth-capable devices are compatible with these headphones!
exceptional performance from the battery.
Capacity of Battery: 90 mAh
Large capacity built-in battery that can play music continuously for up to 6 hours and run on standby for 8 to 12 hours on a single charge!


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