Joyroom A1 Series AUX Car Stereo Audio Cable 2M

৳ 850.00

Joyroom A1 Series AUX Car Stereo Audio Cable 2M – Bangladesh

  • Compatible with car, MP3/MP4, phones, DVD, TV, radio, speaker
  • Double 3.5mm USB ports
  • High-fidelity shielding design for strong signal transmission
  • Made of flexible, high-quality PVC
  • 3.5mm male connectors, 2m length
  • Resists tangling and kinking

The Joyroom A1 Series AUX Car Stereo Audio Cable, priced affordably in Bangladesh, is designed for versatile connectivity in vehicles. It’s compatible with MP3/MP4 players, phones, DVDs, TVs, radios, and speakers. Featuring double 3.5mm USB ports, it allows for convenient connection to multiple devices simultaneously. The cable employs a high-fidelity shielding design, ensuring strong anti-jamming performance and optimal signal transmission. Additionally, the winding shielding line, made of high-quality imported PVC, enhances flexibility while minimizing interference.

With 3.5mm male connectors and a generous 2-meter length, this cable offers flexibility in placement within your car. Furthermore, its resistance to tangling and kinking adds to its user-friendly design, preventing hassle during use and storage. Whether you’re enjoying music, movies, or audio from various sources, the Joyroom A1 Series AUX Car Stereo Audio Cable delivers reliable connectivity and clear sound transmission. It’s a practical accessory for enhancing your in-car entertainment experience, providing seamless connectivity for a wide range of devices without compromising on audio quality.


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