OWS P-Q3 Motion Wireless Earbuds – Peanut Color

৳ 2,300.00

  • Instantly pairs when removed from charging case
  • Voice instructions included
  • Left and right earphones can connect separately
  • Dual-channel call function
  • 5-6 hours music playtime, 5 hours talk time
  • 30mAh battery in earphones, 300mAh in charging case
  • 5V charging voltage, 40mAh charging power
  • Auto-off at voltage below 3.0V
  • Charging box can charge earphones 3-4 times
  • Green light flashes when charging, stays on when fully charged
  • Bluetooth version: 5.3
  • Bluetooth range: 10 meters



Cost of the OWS P-Q3 Motion Wireless Earbuds in Bangladesh: Features and Details

When you remove the earbuds from the charging compartment lid, it will instantly pair and connect to the linked Bluetooth device.
Voice instructions are included throughout the machine; the left and right earphones can be connected to the device separately; and the P-Q3 earphone features a dual-channel call function.

Five to six hours are spent listening to music on headphones, and five hours are spent conversing.
The earphone has a 30mAh pure cobalt battery capacity, whereas the charging station has a 300AH pure cobalt battery capacity;
The charging box has a 5V charging voltage and a 40MH charging power.

The headset will automatically turn off if the voltage drops below 3.0V, alerting users to the need for a timely charge.
About three to four headset charges can be obtained from the charging box. When the charging box is being charged by external sources, the green indicator light flashes, and when it is fully charged, the green light turns on.
Version of Bluetooth: 5.3
Bluetooth range: ten meters


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