Qualitell K5 Lite Rechargeable Mosquito Killer Lamp Electric 4000V Smart UV

৳ 4,200.00


  • 10 polypropylene mosquito light beads (5 on each side)
  • Attracts mosquitoes with 365 nm wavelength light
  • High-density zinc iron mesh (2×2 mm) resists rust
  • Fireproof insulation material and flame-retardant ABS substance
  • 500mAh rechargeable battery
  • Foldable silicone carry handle
  • Silent operation with minimal noise
  • Suitable for home, office, camping, etc.
  • 3500V high voltage with triple-layer insulation
  • Bionic mosquito attractant mimics human skin scent
  • UV light lamp with 10 beads for effective mosquito trapping
  • Safe for infants and pregnant women
  • Intelligent light management with auto modes
  • V0 class flame-retardant material
  • Standable and hangable for various uses
  • Low power consumption


  • Material: ABS + PC
  • Power output/input: 3W
  • Voltage output: 3500V
  • Voltage input: 5V
  • Battery capacity: 500 mAh

Included in Package:

  • One mosquito lamp
  • One manual
  • One charging cable
  • One brush
  • One mosquito repellent

Qualitell K5 Lite Electric 4000V Smart UV Rechargeable Mosquito Killer Lamp Features:

Ten polypropylene mosquito light beads with a broad spectrum of mosquitoes (five on each side). Because mosquitoes have a tendency to transmit wavelengths of 365 nm, using this characteristic to attract mosquitoes to electrocute them will only serve as a luring factor.
Little fly are unable to escape the encrypting surface of the crossed diamond grid. High-density zinc iron mesh, measuring 2 by 2 mm, resists rusting over time.
Fireproof insulation material, safety insulating grid, flame-retardant ABS substance, and a huge built-in 500mAh battery
With its foldable silicone carry handle, it is also incredibly easy to use.

silent operating with minimal noise comfort in bed, noise cancellation, and electric shock network that doesn’t wake you up
Meet the needs of various scenarios; ideal for home, workplace, office, camping, etc.

3500V A thick mesh construction with three layers of insulation and high voltage helps prevent unintentional electric shock.
equipped with a bionic mosquito attractant that produces the scent of human skin to better attract and hold mosquitoes.
It is more effective to trap and kill mosquitoes with a UV light lamp that emits 10 beads.
physical to eliminate mosquitoes and flies. Safe for Infants or Pregnant Women.
Long-lasting 500mAh rechargeable battery built right in.

probe for intelligent light management, with automatic morning shutdown and nighttime startup.
Three gear modes are available: OFF, light-sensitive, and auto.
It uses safe, V0 class flame-retardant material.
Both stand-and hang-able to accommodate various demands. for usage in a living room, workplace, or patio both inside and outside
Power, energy, and low power consumption.

Material of the product: ABS + PC
Power output: 3W
Power input: 3W
Voltage output: 3500V
Voltage input: 5V
500 mAh capacity of the battery
Included in the package:

One mosquito lamp
One manual
One charging cable
One brush
One (1) mosquito repellent


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