Remax Watch 9 Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch

৳ 4,500.00

  • Remax Watch 9 Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch available in Bangladesh
  • Features:
    • Phone dialing and call log synchronization
    • Contact synchronization via app
    • SIRI voice assistant compatibility
    • Sleep monitoring and step count tracking
    • Music control, calculator, and local machine settings
    • Weather data synchronization via app
    • Wallet ID card and third-party program push notifications
    • Female health customization and motion tracking
    • Customizable features via the app

In Bangladesh, Remax Watch 9 Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch
Bangladesh is home to the Remax Watch 9 Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch.


Phone dial: You can make calls with the watch after pairing your mobile device with a speaker.
Call log: the call log is synchronizable;
Contact: Use the APP’s address book feature to synchronize the contact with the watch:
SIRI: Use the watch’s voice assistant feature to activate your phone’s virtual assistant after pairing the application and audio call.
Details: To access the third-party program messages of the configured message notification, this feature must be linked to the “Drifts” mobile application.

Monitoring sleep: Your sleep duration and quality will be tracked from 1:00 pm to 8:00 am every day. This will enable you to better manage your work and relaxation schedules and enhance the quality of your sleep. Swipe up to access the choices and learn more about the sleep function’s options on the UI.
Step count: You can see your daily step total as well as your calorie and distance intake. Every night at 12:00, the day’s data is saved and reset to zero. To access and modify your choices, swipe up. 11. Music: The mobile phone’s music can be controlled.

Calculator: Basic computations can be performed. Activate this feature to set the time. Perform a variety of local machine settings, such as screen time, brightness, language switching, sound, do not disturb mode, mobile phone connection, watch about, shutdown, restart, factory reset, etc. Once the APP is connected, the RDFIT-provided daily weather data can be synchronized with the Wallet ID card: Allows for custom time countdown and minute selection. Through the APP, the third-party program’s payment code can be pushed: The third-party program’s personal business card QR code can be pushed through Female Health: female users can customize the Pate reminders to suit their own women’s health information;

Motion track: The data and motion track are sent to the watch after the motion that the APP started is finished.
The smartwatch  APP allows users to customize features including screen lighting, remote photo capture, contact books, long-sitting reminders, and water-drinking reminders.


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