T97 Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch

৳ 3,200.00

  • T97 Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch
  • 1.91″ HD screen, 100+ sports modes
  • Call SMS reply, BT3.0+BT5.1
  • JL7012 sensor, 250mAh battery, 20-day life
  • IP67 waterproof, Android 5.0+, iOS 10.0+
  • 128MB memory, dimensions: 46.5 x 38.2 x 10.5 mm
  • Display: 240×296 pixels, silicone/gum/aluminum alloy
  • USB cable charging, multi-language support
  • Touch operation, available in Yellow, Orange, Silver, and Black


Price and Specifications of T97 Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch in Bangladesh:

Features include a 1.91 HD huge screen, a 100+ sports mode, accurate health data tracking, and call SMS reply. Bluetooth version: BT3.0+BT5.1
Sensor/Chips: JL7012
250mAh capacity, 20-day battery life, and low power mode
IP67 waterproof specification is the waterproof class.

System requirements: Android 5.0 and above; iOS 10.0 and above
Memory (system): 128 MB
Watch dimensions: 46.5 x 38.2 x 10.5 mm; Material: silicone, gum, and aluminum alloy frame
Display specifications: HD medium large screen, 1.91 inches, 240 by 296 pixels
Connected USB cable charging.

Ideal for: teens, couples, gender-neutral individuals, women, and men.
Language of the menu: Languages supported: English, Chinese, Russian, Polish, Czech, Hebrew, Thai, Vietnamese, Hindi, Bengali, Japanese, Persian, Arabic, Arabic, Turkish, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Czech
Mode of operation: Touch; material: silicone


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