VGR V-937 Professional Corded & Cordless Hair Trimmer

৳ 2,300.00

  • VGR V-937 Professional Hair Trimmer: Ideal for home & business
  • Strong motor for thick hair, various attachments for styling
  • LED display shows battery level, easy to operate
  • Precision blade for close cutting, USB Type-C charging
  • Corded & cordless use, practical design in black

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In Bangladesh, the VGR V-937 Professional Hair Trimmer.
Excellent for both home and business use, the VGR V-937 Professional Corded & Cordless Hair Trimmer is a high-quality tool. It has a strong motor that can effortlessly manage even the thickest hair, and it has an assortment of attachments that let you style your hair in different ways. You can always know how much power is left in the trimmer thanks to its LED display, which also shows the battery level.

Among the main characteristics of the VGR V-937 Professional Corded & Cordless Hair Trimmer are the following:

strong motor
Different types of attachments
LED display Simple to operate
Reasonable cost

Precision Blade: Exceptionally close cutting is possible thanks to the fine-cutting teeth.
Three attachment guards on the guide comb provide excellent comfort and cut quality.
USB Type-C cable allows you to charge wherever you need to.
LED Display: This display indicates the battery level, oil level, and operational condition. On/off switch: Simple to use, practical, and convenient
This trimmer is both corded and cordless, and it may be used while charging.


Shade: Black
Name: VGR
Battery as the power source Powered Substance: Butadiene Acrylonitrile Styrene
Unique feature: Stainless steel blade material, LED display, cordless


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