Xiaomi Mi Hair Clipper

৳ 1,800.00

Play your tunes anywhere you go.
Lightweight and portable, it’s simple to carry.
Extended standby period, low power consumption.
Ideal for a range of dental health requirements.
Maintain the finest possible smile while on the road!
Never again be caught without a toothbrush—this compact powerhouse is ideal for trips!
compact and light, making it simple to carry
5W of electricity and little energy usage
Your music will travel with you wherever you g



In Bangladesh, Xiaomi Mi Enchen Boost Hair Clipper: Quick Charging Rechargeable Hair Trimmer
Bangladesh may now get the Xiaomi Mi Enchen Boost Hair Clipper-Fast Charging Rechargeable Hair Trimmer. Only at DropShop.com.bd can you get authentic products at the lowest prices, all while enjoying the highest quality and the assurance of the greatest customer support in Bangladesh.

For use when traveling, the Xiaomi Enchen Boost Hair Clipper is a strong yet portable hair clipper. With its quick 120-minute charge time and 5W power output, you can quickly receive salon-caliber haircuts at home. Additionally, the modern black and white style will go well with any bathroom’s decor.

You may feel secure knowing that the Xiaomi Mi Enchen Boost Hair Clipper-Fast Charging Rechargeable Hair Trimmer is covered by a 7-day warranty.


Advantages Of These Items
Lightweight and portable, it’s simple to carry
Minimal power use and voltage
120-minute rapid charge period
It is portable and easily transported with you.
You may use it at night without waking up your companion because it is so quiet.
Portable and lightweight design.
USB charging, low voltage, and 5W power.
Increase power while reducing weight.


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