Xiaomi Qualitell V1 Foldable Electric Mosquito Bat

৳ 3,200.00

  • Xiaomi Qualitell V1 Foldable Mosquito Swatter
  • 180° rotating folding design for convenience
  • Vibrant purple color attracts mosquitoes
  • Right-angle design ensures effective trapping
  • Seamless tiling on walls keeps mosquitoes away
  • Mesh surface with staggered grip improves handling
  • Appropriate angle layout for easy corner control
  • One-click management system for hassle-free use
  • Emits purple glow to attract mosquitoes
  • Comprehensive mode of control for efficient mosquito management


The Xiaomi Qualitell V1 Foldable Mosquito bat is a versatile tool for mosquito control. With its 180° rotating folding design, it offers convenience and ease of use. The vibrant purple color attracts mosquitoes, while the right-angle design ensures effective trapping. The seamless tiling on walls helps keep mosquitoes away, and the mesh surface with a staggered grip improves handling. Its appropriate angle layout allows for easy corner control. With a one-click management system, killing mosquitoes is simple and hassle-free.

The swatter emits a purple glow to attract mosquitoes, and its mode of control ensures efficient mosquito management. Overall, the Xiaomi Qualitell V1 offers a comprehensive solution for mosquito control, making it an essential tool for households in Bangladesh.


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