Baseus Starjoy 8 in 1 Type-C Hub Adapter

৳ 4,500.00

  • 8 Ports: HDMI, 3x USB 3.0, USB Type-C, RJ45 Ethernet, SD card reader, TF card reader
  • 4K@60Hz HDMI Output: Connect to external display for high-definition video
  • 100W PD Fast Charging: Quickly charge laptop or tablet via USB Type-C port
  • Plug and Play: No configuration needed, compatible with older USB-C devices
  • SD/TF Card Readers: Easy data transfer and reading from SD and TF cards
  • Cost-effective and Versatile: Ideal for students, travelers, and anyone needing to connect multiple devices to a laptop or tablet


Bangladeshi price of Baseus Starjoy 8 in 1 Type-C Hub Adapter
With the Baseus Starjoy 8 in 1 Type-C Hub Adapter, you may increase the capabilities of your tablet or laptop. Eight ports are included in it: one for HDMI, three for USB 3.0, one for USB Type-C, one for RJ45 Ethernet, one for SD card readers, and one for TF cards. While the USB 3.0 ports can be used to connect to a range of devices, including hard disks, flash drives, and printers, the HDMI port can be used to send video to an external display.

You can transfer data or charge using the USB Type-C connector. A wired internet connection is offered by the RJ45 Ethernet port. You may read and write data from SD and TF cards using the SD card reader and TF card reader.

The following are some of the Baseus Starjoy 8 in 1 Type-C Hub Adapter’s main characteristics:

One HDMI port, three USB 3.0 ports, one USB Type-C port, one RJ45 Ethernet port, one SD card reader, and one TF card reader are among the hub’s eight connectors.
Allows for 4K@60Hz output You can connect the hub to an external display and watch high-definition video because the HDMI connector supports 4K@60Hz output.
100W PD fast charging: You can swiftly charge your laptop or tablet with the USB Type-C port’s capability for 100W PD fast charging.
Requires no configuration: The hub can be used with older USB-C capable devices.

Simply plug in and play: The hub is simple to use; just plug it in to your tablet or laptop and get going.
The SD card reader and TF card reader facilitate the reading and writing of data from SD cards and TF cards. If you wish to use your SD or TF card with your laptop or tablet or if you need to transfer big volumes of data, this can be useful.
For those seeking a cost-effective and adaptable solution to enhance the features of your laptop or tablet, the Baseus Starjoy 8 in 1 Type-C Hub Adapter is an excellent choice. It’s ideal for anyone who want to connect several devices to their computer, including students and travelers.


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