MCDODO CP-4290 PD 33W Travel Charger Adapter

৳ 4,500.00

  • 33W fast charging via USB-C with Power Delivery
  • Compact and lightweight design with folding socket
  • Supports multiple plug types: EU, UK, US, AU
  • Three-port output: 1C+2A for simultaneous charging
  • Powers small appliances up to 1840W
  • Compatible with laptops, tablets, and various devices
  • Usable in over 200 countries
  • Package includes: One wall charger with outlet


Bangladeshi prices for the MCDODO CP-4290 PD 33W travel charger adapter
With quick charging times, the MCDODO CP-4290 PD 33W Travel Charger Adapter is a small and lightweight charger. It has a USB-C connector with Power Delivery (PD) technology, which enables compatible devices to receive up to 33W of power. Moreover, the charger features an integrated folding socket that makes it portable.

Travel charger with 33W quick charging capacity adapter
Compact charger and socket combined in one
Assist as many tiny appliances as possible 1840W of power
1C+2A three-single-port output with simultaneous output and support for quick charging: 5V3A
Fit for more than 200 nations and areas; supports plug types: EU, UK, US, and AU
Suitable for charging laptops and tablets
In harmony with: All-encompassing
Included in the package:
One wall charger plus outletadapter


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