FereFit WS-Z9 Multifunctional Amoled Smartwatch

৳ 3,200.00

  • WS-Z9 Smartwatch with AMOLED Display, Stainless Steel Body
  • Watch OS 10 software, Series 9
  • 10 types of always-on AMOLED display, 60 Hz refresh rate
  • 3D curved, super HD bezel-less display
  • Pickup hand gesture for calls, double tap finger gesture control
  • Smart Island feature, stunning full HD display
  • NFC compatible, wireless charging support
  • Six distinct menu designs, multiple sports modes
  • Premium stainless steel finish, 100% lag-free
  • Enables calling, supports Siri, social media notifications, water drainage mode, and siren
  • Tracks sports: jogging, cycling, climbing, swimming, yoga, basketball
  • Additional features: multilingual support, music and camera control, stopwatch, phone finder



The multifunctional Amoled FereFit WS-Z9 Smartwatch in Bangladesh features a 3D curved, always-on AMOLED display with a 60 Hz refresh rate and a super HD bezel-less screen. Powered by Watch OS 10, it offers a smooth, premium stainless steel finish, NFC compatibility, and wireless charging support. Notable features include call gestures, Smart Island, and double-tap finger control. It supports multiple sports modes (jogging, cycling, climbing, swimming, yoga, basketball), Siri, social media notifications, water drainage mode, and a siren.

Additional functionalities include multilingual support, music and camera control, a stopwatch, and a phone finder. The watch also boasts six distinct menu designs and flawless strap locks, providing a lag-free, high-quality user experience.


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