HK21 AMOLED Smartwatch AI Voice Assistant

৳ 3,000.00

– **Product:** HK21 AMOLED Smartwatch
– **Offered In:** Bangladesh
– **Purchase From:** Dropshop for best prices and service
– **Model:** HK-21
– **Screen Resolution:** 240 x 296, 2.01 inches AMOLED
– **Water-resistant:** IP67
– **AI Voice Assistant:** Yes
– **Battery Capacity:** 260 mAh
– **NFC:** CO-FIT NFC support
– **Bluetooth Version:** 5.3
– **Package Includes:**
– 1 Smartwatch
– 1 Charger
– 1 User Manual
– **Note:** Contact administrator if content is inaccessible


Bangladesh’s HK21 AMOLED Smartwatch with AI Voice Assistant
Bangladesh currently offers the HK21 AMOLED Smartwatch AI Voice Assistant. Purchase original goods from Dropshop for the lowest possible cost, and take advantage of the best customer service available in Bangladesh along with the promise of quality products.


Model: HK-21
Resolution of the screen: 240 x 296 2.01 inches AMOLED
Water-resistant Norm: IP67
AI Voice Assistant: Assistance
Capacity of Battery: 260 mAh
CO-FIT NFC: Support Bluetooth APP Version: 5.3; Package contents include:

One smart watch, one charger, and one user manual ♠ Since the requested content is no longer accessible, the module cannot be rendered. Get access by contacting the administrator.


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