Haylou Watch 2 Pro Smartwatch

৳ 3,500.00

  • Product: Aula MP-XL Speed Type Gaming Mouse Pad
  • Model: MP-XL
  • Dimensions: 900 x 400 x 3mm
  • Features:
    • Speed-oriented surface
    • Supple upper material for smooth mouse motions
    • Rubberized foundation for stability
  • Price: Varies in Bangladesh


Smartwatch Haylou Watch 2 Pro available in Bangladesh
Combining a fashionable design with an array of health and fitness tracking functions, the Haylou Watch 2 Pro is a smartwatch. In addition to a heart rate sensor, SpO2 sensor, sleep tracker, and more than 100 sports modes, it boasts a 1.85-inch IPS display. A built-in music player with 320 song storage is another feature of the watch. With just one charge, its battery can last up to ten days.

The Haylou Watch 2 Pro Smartwatch has the following advantages and disadvantages:


Elegant style
huge, brilliant display
Heart rate, blood oxygen level, and sleep monitor
more than a hundred sports modes
Integrated music player
Battery life of up to ten days
An inexpensive price

Absent GPS
Not an NFC
Connectivity problems have been observed by certain users.
Some users find the watch to be a little bulky.
For those searching for a fashionable and reasonably priced wristwatch with an array of health and fitness tracking functions, the Haylou Watch 2 Pro is an excellent choice. It provides a fair amount of features for the money and is well worth the investment.

Here are some more watch-related details:

It can withstand 50 meters of water.
A flashlight is included into it.
It is compatible with phone notifications, such as calls, messages, and alerts from social media.
Your phone’s music playback can be managed with it.
It allows you to use the camera on your phone to take pictures and videos from a distance.
If you misplace your phone, it can be used to locate it.
For those seeking a smartwatch with a sleek design and an array of capabilities, the Haylou Watch 2 Pro is an excellent option.


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