T900 Ultra Smartwatch – Orange Color

৳ 1,250.00

  • T900 Ultra Smart Watch: Compatible with iOS & Android
  • Bluetooth calling, heart rate & SpO2 monitoring
  • Multisport modes for various exercises
  • Wireless charging, long battery life
  • Notifications for calls, messages, emails
  • Budget-friendly option with basic features


Ultra Smart Watch T900
iOS and Android smartphones are both compatible with the T900 Ultra Smart Watch. It can run on a single charge for up to ten days.

For the money, the T900 Ultra Smart Watch is a decent buy overall. It has a lengthy battery life and a lot of functions. It’s crucial to remember that while this is a low-cost smartwatch, it lacks several of the capabilities found in higher-end models, such GPS and built-in storage.

Below is a more thorough rundown of some of the T900 Ultra Smart Watch’s main features:

No need to fiddle with wires thanks to wireless charging, which is supported by the T900 Ultra Smart Watch. All you have to do is place the watch on the charging pad, and it will begin charging on its own.
Bluetooth calling: You can make and take calls right from the T900 Ultra Smart Watch thanks to its integrated speaker and microphone. For those who would prefer to be able to stay in touch without always carrying about their phone, this is a fantastic option.

Heart rate tracking: Your heart rate may be tracked all day long with the integrated heart rate monitor in the T900 Ultra Smart Watch. For those who are concerned about their heart health or who are fitness-conscious, this is an excellent feature.

SpO2 monitoring: Your blood oxygen levels can be tracked by the integrated SpO2 monitor in the T900 Ultra Smart Watch. Those who live at high altitudes or have respiratory issues will find this to be a very helpful feature.
The T900 Ultra Smart Watch is equipped with an integrated thermometer that measures your body temperature.

This is an excellent feature for those who are attempting to track their fertility or who are ill.
Multisport modes: The T900 Ultra Smart Watch offers several multisport modes that let you keep track of your exercise routines for various sports, including swimming, cycling, hiking, and running.

Support for notifications: Your linked smartphone’s calls, messages, emails, and app notifications can all be received by the T900 Ultra Smart Watch. You can stay in touch without always checking your phone by doing this.


RAM: 196 bytes
ROM: 1MB + 64MB Support for wireless charging
Shows call, email, SMS, WhatsApp, WeChat, and other notification information.
Orange and Black in color

Name of the product: T900Ultra smartwatch
Color: Multicolored System Requirements: iOS 10.0 or Android 5.0
Charge Method: Wireless
Hiwatch Pro application
Memory bracelet: 128M
Display screen: 2.02-inch IPS screen with 240 x 286 resolution
230 MAH capacity of the battery
65-day standby period
Time of use: roughly ten days
Using a full-screen touch button


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