JISULIFE FA17 Rechargeable Fan with Light and Table Tripod

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  • fan
  • Brand: JISULIFE
  • Model: FA17
  • Type: Outdoor Camping Ceiling Fan with LED Light
  • Battery Capacity: 12000mAh
  • Dimensions: 283 x 283 x 170 mm / 11.14 x 11.14 x 6.69 inches
  • Maximum Stand Length: 2 Feet
  • Weight: 1035 g
  • Fan Blade Diameter: 212mm
  • Material: ABS
  • Wind Speed Settings: 1st – 800 rpm, 2nd – 900 rpm, 3rd – 1500 rpm
  • Noise Level: 53DB
  • Range: 60CM
  • Charging Port: DC 12V/3A (Adapter included)
  • Charging Time: 6-7 hours
  • Endurance: Fan (20 hours), LED (19 hours), Fan + LED (22W MAX)
  • Battery Voltage: 3.0V–4.2V


Price in Bangladesh for JISULIFE FA17 Outdoor LED Fan with Tripod Stand:
A lightweight, multipurpose fan ideal for outdoor events like picnics and camping is the JISULIFE FA17 Fan. It is the ideal answer for all of your outdoor lighting and cooling needs because it was created with your comfort and convenience in mind.

Strong airflow is provided by the JISULIFE FA17 Outdoor Camping Fan LED Light with Small Stand, which also doubles as a lantern. A multipurpose, portable fan not only keeps you cool but also improves your night vision. There are four speed options on this tent fan: light, mild, fresh, and sleep mode. There are three settings for the light: Warm, Neutral, and Cool.

This fan can run continuously for 20 hours on a single charge, eliminating worries about running out of battery power. With the DC power source, it may be fully charged in 6–7 hours. It has timer, light, and speed controls. An LED indication is also included. a wireless fan with adjustable mounting that may be mounted on tables, the floor, or the ceiling.

Important Elements

robust ventilation
Stable, energetic, quiet, and economical
Four-speed camping fan with led light settings
calm, soft, invigorating, and sleeping mode
There are 5 brightness settings for the light mode.

Three modes exist for light: Warm, Cold, and Neutral Brightness
Twelve Thousand mAh Battery that Recharges
20-hour battery backup
The wireless Reme Cotontroller has timer, light, and speed controls.
Multiple applications and functions.

FA17 model
Type: Ceiling Fan for Outdoor Camping with LED Light: Yes
12000mAh capacity of the battery
Dimensions of the Product: 283 x 283 x 170 mm / 11.14 x 11.14 x 6.69 inch
Maximum Stand Length: 2 Feet
Product Mass: 1035 g
Fan Blade: 212mm in diameter; Material: ABS
Wind speed: first, 800 rpm, second, 900 rpm, third, 1500 rpm

Noise level: 53DB; range: 60CM
Port: DC 12V/3A (With Included Adapter)
Charge Time: 6-7 hours
Endurance: Fan (20 hours), LED (19 hours), Fan + LED (22 W MAX),
Voltage of battery: 3.0V–4.2V



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