LDNIO SC2413 PD Universal Outlets Power Socket

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  • Product: LDNIO SC2413 PD & QC3.0 2 Universal Outlets Power Socket
  • Rated Power: 2500W-10A(Max) 250V
  • Input: AC100—250V 10A 50/60HZ
  • PD Output: 5V3A, 9V2.22A, 12V1.67A (20W MAX)
  • QC Output: 5V3A, 9V2A, 12V1.5A (18W MAX)
  • Auto-ID Output: 5V2.4A (12W MAX)
  • Total USB Power: 20W MAX
  • Features:
    • Universal compatibility with various plug types
    • Multiple charging outputs (PD, QC, Auto-ID)
    • Built-in safety mechanisms (overcharging, overheating, short circuits)
  • Ideal for: Charging smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other devices
  • Use: Home, office, travel


The LDNIO SC2413 PD & QC3.0 2 Universal Outlets Power Socket is a tilversae and powerful device available in Bangladesh. This power socket is designed to provide efficient and convenient charging solutions for various devices. Here are the key features and specifications of the LDNIO SC2413:

Key Features:

  • Rated Parameter: 2500W-10A(Max) 250V
    • This power socket can handle up to 2500W of power with a maximum current of 10A, suitable for a wide range of electrical appliances.
  • Input: AC100—250V 10A 50/60HZ
    • The socket supports a wide input voltage range from 100V to 250V AC, making it compatible with different power standards worldwide.
  • PD Output: 5V3A, 9V2.22A, 12V1.67A 20W (MAX)
    • The Power Delivery (PD) output supports multiple voltage levels, providing up to 20W of power, which is ideal for fast charging compatible devices like smartphones and tablets.
  • QC Output: 5V3A, 9V2A, 12V1.5A 18W (MAX)
    • The Quick Charge (QC) output offers up to 18W of power, enabling rapid charging for devices that support Qualcomm’s Quick Charge technology.
  • Auto-ID Output: 5V2.4A 12W (MAX)
    • The Auto-ID output automatically adjusts the charging power up to 12W based on the device’s requirements, ensuring safe and efficient charging.
  • Total USB Power: 20W MAX
    • The combined USB output power is capped at 20W, ensuring optimal performance without overloading the socket.

The LDNIO SC2413 is designed with universal compatibility in mind. It features two universal outlets that can accommodate various plug types, making it a versatile addition to any home or office setup. Whether you need to charge your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or other electronic devices, this power socket provides the necessary power and safety features.

Additionally, the LDNIO SC2413 comes with built-in safety mechanisms to protect against overcharging, overheating, and short circuits. This ensures that your devices are charged safely and efficiently.


The LDNIO SC2413 PD & QC3.0 2 Universal Outlets Power Socket is a reliable and powerful charging solution available in Bangladesh. With its wide input voltage range, multiple charging outputs, and built-in safety features, it offers a convenient and safe way to power and charge your devices. Whether for home, office, or travel use, this power socket is a practical and essential accessory.


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