WiFi + Bluetooth RGB LED Strip Light

৳ 4,500.00

  • SONOFF L2 Smart LED Strip Light: Vibrant colors, voice control, music sync
  • Waterproof, easy installation
  • Remote and WiFi control
  • For indoor and outdoor decoration
  • Includes LED strip, WiFi controller, power plugs, manuals


The cost of the SONOFF L2 Smart LED Strip Light in Bangladesh
Every member of the family will pitch in to help clean and decorate the house for the holidays. The house’s front will be decorated with light strips. Here, SONOFF L2 can be utilized for extra illumination in addition to the festival decorations. There’s no need to worry about rewiring costing more. L2 light strips are IP65 waterproof and have 30 LEDs spaced every 3.3 feet. Installing them around your swimming pool will brighten your house. The 3M adhesive facilitates an effortless installation.

We have the ideal RGB LED Strip Light with WiFi and Bluetooth for anyone wishing to give their living area a little more flair. This LED strip light is impressive since it can be controlled with your voice and has 16 million colors.

You can record the status of the light strip with the help of the R/G/B real-time data. The color palette, color circle, and contemporary and traditional colors, with the exception of R/G/B data bars, offer a variety of color selection techniques. Up to eight DIY Scenes and 21 suggested scene styles are available. L2 can sync to any music that is playing and move in time with the beat and rhythm.

You can better control the light strip with BLE control, so you don’t have to worry about disconnecting any longer. Alexa and Hey Google voice control might help free up your hands. You may turn the light strips on and off on a schedule by setting a timer. Check out further options now!

A vibrant experience for your life is offered by real-time synchronization and more than 16 million colors.

Details of the entire set: LED strip light

Voltage input: AC 100-240V 50-60Hz
Voltage output: DC12V
1.5A(5M) of current
Watts of output: 24W
RGB for light color
SMD5050 LED chip
Brightness: 300 lumens/meter

Angle of beam: 140°
Working temperature range: -20°C to 50°C
0% to 95% working humidity
IP65 water resistance
Measurement: 5 millimeters
Energy source:

Voltage input: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
1.5A(5M) of current
Voltage output: DC12V
Plug adapter: US, UK, and EU types
Composition: FPCB
Overvoltage, overload, and overtemperature security mechanisms
WiFi controller:

Voltage input: AC 100–240V 50/60Hz 0.6A Maximum voltage output: DC12V 2000mA
The 24-key infrared remote control
Material for sheath: ABS V0 (fireproof)
WiFi Standard: 2.4GHz 802.11 b/g/n

Turn on and off lights remotely from any location.
The free eWeLink mobile app for iOS and Android
You enter a happy party as the light synchronizes with the music, changing hues and flashing rhythmically.

To rapidly sync the color to your light, point the camera on your mobile device at anything to capture its color. Then, tap the screen.

You can select from a number of pre-programmed lighting setups to satisfy all of your lighting requirements with just one click.
Because of its great flexibility and ease of cut and paste, it can be simply molded into any shape and used to decorate any object.

Harmony –Lights may be controlled with your voice thanks to its flawless compatibility with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Google Nest.
Note: To view the user manual, follow this link.

The best aspect is that you can operate it with the provided remote; you don’t even need an internet connection or smartphone. Furthermore, you may use it both indoors and outdoors without worrying about it getting wet because it is waterproof.

You don’t need to use your smartphone or establish an internet connection to operate the light strip; you can use a remote control instead. You can even operate it with your voice if you have an Alexa or Google Voice Assistant.

Included in the package:

SONOFF 5M SMD5050 LED strip light, one unit
One WiFi controller
Three UK-type power supply plugs
One quick start manual
One user handbook


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