Xiaomi Mi C200 IP Camera- 360° 1080P Home Security Smart IP Camera

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  • 360-degree panoramic view
  • 1080p HD video resolution
  • Full-color, low-light technology
  • Advanced infrared night vision with noise reduction
  • WDR technology for clear images in any lighting
  • H.265 video coding for efficient storage and smoother viewing
  • Humanoid detection to reduce false alarms
  • Real-time two-way voice calls
  • Multiple storage options: local MicroSD, NAS storage, automatic loop recording
  • Remote viewing on mobile devices and tablets
  • Complete privacy encryption
  • 180-degree screen rotation for versatile installation
  • Easy installation with screw-in base accessories
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Bangladesh’s Xiaomi Mi C200 IP Camera
Introducing the state-of-the-art smart home security gadget with a plethora of amazing features: the Xiaomi Mi C200 IP Camera. This camera offers a 360-degree panoramic view, giving you a thorough overview of your surroundings. Its infrared night vision feature guarantees crisp video even in dimly lit environments. The camera improves security measures by utilizing cutting-edge person detecting technology. Savor the advantages of 1920 x 1080p full HD video, which produces crisp and fluid images. The Xiaomi Mi C200 excels at taking crisp photos even in difficult lighting conditions because of its WDR technology. The Xiaomi Mi C200 IP Camera is now available at drawingtech.com.bd at a discounted price.

Key attributes of the Mi C200 IP Camera

360-degree panoramic perspective
Change to HD 1080P quality.
Full-color, low-light technology
Modern night vision with noise reduction
Video coding technology H.265
Humanoid detection and efficient invalid alarm filtering
Real-time two-way voice call
completely encrypted to create a barrier for privacy protection
It is possible to flip the screen 180 degrees.

MIJIA Smart Camera by XiaomiI

Enhanced motion detection with Al, 360-degree viewing angle, infrared night vision, and 1080P HD quality

360-degree panoramic perspective

The guard has a dual-motor gimbal that allows it to freely revolve in all directions—up, down, left, and right—with a 360-degree horizontal viewing angle and a 960-degree vertical viewing angle. The equipment rotates smoothly thanks to a silent motor and an anti-shock structural design. Tookfun

Change to HD 1080P quality.

There is an improvement in clarity in the picture, a 1080p resolution, sharper 2 million pixels, and wide dynamic range (WDR). The image keeps greater details even under backlighting conditions. Tookfun

Full color, low light technology

Images in color are visible even in low light. View the comparison chart, please.

Modern night vision with noise reduction

Family members can sleep soundly because there is no nighttime red exposure or visual pollution. F2.1 has a wide aperture, increased light input, infrared fill light at 940 nm, and stronger night vision permeability. View the comparison chart, please.

Video coding technology H.265

The latest H.265 video compression technology saves bandwidth and offers crisper, more detailed images while enabling smoother viewing on the same network.H.265 encoded video storage is 50% of conventional H.264 video storage at the same pixel and bit rate.
* Save 50% on bandwidth consumption * Save 50% on storage space for videos

Identification of humanoids, efficient filtering out false alarms

When combined with the deep learning application of A1 technology, the algorithm and the network are tuned to efficiently filter false positives and increase the accuracy of alarms.

Real-time two-way voice call

Enable two-way phone calls in real time, both directions, so you may have friendly conversations with your family whenever and wherever you are.

Three techniques for storing

Automatic loop recording and local MicroSD card storage are supported. Video files are backed up to the NAS storage device via SD card and can be scheduled for automatic backups. Supported NAS storage devices include Xiaomi routers with storage functions and other network storage devices.

Allow several devices to be seen remotely

It allows for the remote viewing of historical records kept on a MicroSD card as well as mobile devices and tablets. It saves time and effort and allows playback at 1x, 4x, and 16x speeds, making it ideal for browsing.
* Support iOS 9.0 and above or Android 4.4.

completely encrypted to create a barrier for privacy protection

It is possible to flip the screen 180 degrees.

Its easy-to-use screw-in base accessories make operation a breeze. It can be positioned upside down on the roof, wall, or any other surface, in addition to the desktop, window sill, and bedside of the house. To view normally while flipping, rotate the screen in the camera setup choices.

Steps for connecting

1. Get the application.
2. Turn on the camera. 3. Locate the device and link it for regular usage by opening the application.

List of parcels

The Xiaomi Smart Camera PTZ version comes with one manual, one wall mounting kit, and one power cable.



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