Y70 Ultra Couple Smartwatch With 13 Straps

৳ 4,200.00

Y70 Ultra Couple Smartwatch Features:

  • Includes 2 smartwatches with 13 different straps each
  • Heart rate monitoring for tracking fitness levels
  • Sleep tracking to improve sleep quality
  • Step, distance, and calorie tracking for fitness
  • GPS for monitoring movements and exercise
  • Message notifications directly on the wrist
  • Call alerts with ability to make and take calls
  • Music control from the wrist
  • Long battery life for all-day connectivity
  • Customizable strap designs for every occasion


  • Stylish and connected option for couples
  • Variety of strap designs for customizable looks
  • Multiple health and fitness tracking features
  • Convenient phone notifications and call handling
  • Easy to update your style with interchangeable straps

Price in Bangladesh for Y70 Ultra Couple Smartwatch with 13 Straps and Digital Tazbi
For couples who wish to keep fashionable and connected, the Y70 Ultra Couple Smart Watch with 13 Straps is a fantastic choice. There are two smartwatches included, with a selection of thirteen different bands for each. This implies that you can design a special style for each situation.

Couples can choose the Y70 Ultra Smart Watch because of its many functions, which include:

Heart rate monitoring: Keep track of both your exercise level and heart rate.
Improve the quality of your sleep by tracking your sleep to gain insights into your patterns.
Track your distance traveled, calories burned, and steps to improve your fitness.
GPS: Monitor your movements and exercise.
Notifications about messages: Get alerts from your phone right on your wrist.
Call alerts: You can make and take calls right from your wrist.

Music control: Use your wrist to adjust the volume of your music.
Long battery life: Take advantage of a long battery life to maintain connectivity throughout the day.
For those who wish to maintain their sense of style, the Y70 Ultra Couple Smart Watch is also an excellent option. It has numerous strap designs to select from, allowing you to customize your appearance for every situation. You may quickly freshen up your style by simply changing the straps.

All things considered, the Y70 Ultra Couple Smart Watch with 13 Straps is a fantastic choice for couples who wish to remain fashionable and connected. Its many functions, including as heart rate monitoring, GPS, fitness tracking, sleep tracking, and more, making it an excellent option for couples. It also includes an assortment of strap designs from which to choose, enabling you to customize the look for any event.


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