Jmary Tripod KP-2208 Professional Tripod With Mobile Holder

৳ 1,800.00

  • .7M 2-IN1 Monopod Aluminum
  • Model: KP-2208
  • Max working height:171cm
  • Min working height:44.5cm
  • Folded height:47.5cm
  • Max load:1.5kg
  • Weight:0.62kg

he tripod may be raised as high as five feet and as low as fifteen inches. It can hold up to 5.5 pounds of weight, which is sufficient for the majority of smartphones and cameras. To assist you in maintaining camera level, the tripod also features an integrated bubble.

The KP-2208 is a versatile 2-in-1 monopod made from durable aluminum, offering flexibility and stability for photographers and videographers. It boasts a maximum working height of 171cm and a minimum height of 44.5cm, with a folded height of 47.5cm for easy portability. Despite its lightweight design at just 0.62kg, it can support up to 1.5kg, making it ideal for various photography needs. Its compact size allows it to fit conveniently into most backpacks or camera bags, making it an excellent companion for travel and outdoor shoots. The KP-2208 also features a comfortable grip and secure locking mechanisms to ensure your equipment remains steady and safe during use.


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