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  • AZEADA PD-F27 Rechargeable Fan with Tripod Stand

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    Bangladesh’s AZEADA PD-F27 Rechargeable Fan offers a 10-hour battery, tripod stand, 360-degree tiltable head, and USB rechargeability. Ideal for travel, home, or office use.

  • Best Quality Video Tripod For DSLR

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    – **TR-688V DIGIPOD Tripod:**
    – Portable, robust, lightweight
    – Weight capacity: 5 kg, height: up to 5.5 feet
    – 360-degree pan sliding control
    – Tripod for Smartphone function for device compatibility
    – Ideal for YouTube videos, short films, professional applications
    – Supports heavy-duty photography gear
    – Sturdy, durable aluminum alloy legs
    – Integrated fluid effect video head with independent pan and tilt locks
    – Snap-in quick-release camera plate with anti-skid surface
    – Available at in Bangladesh

  • Havit ST7012 Pro Tripod Stand With Ring Light

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    • Product: Havit ST7012 Pro Tripod Stand with Ring Light
    • Voltage: 5V for compatibility
    • Materials: Durable metal and PC
    • Height: Adjustable from 72cm to 210cm
    • Lighting Modes: Warm, cold, and soft light
    • Versatile Use: Ideal for vlogging, live streaming, and photography
    • Availability: Check local listings in Bangladesh

  • Jmary KP-2205 Tripod With Mobile Holder

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    • mary KP-2205 Tripod With Mobile Holder
    • Made of lightweight aluminum

    • Maximum height of 5 feet and minimum height of 15 inches
    • Supports a weight of up to 5.5 pounds
    • Built-in bubble level
    • Adjustable mobile phone holder
    • Standard 1/4-inch screw mount
  • Jmary KP-2209 Horizontal Tripod

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    • Model: KP-2209
    • Material: 1.7M Tripod with Horizontal Axis for Camera and Smartphone
    • Weight: 740g
    • Maximum Load Capacity: 3 kg
    • Minimum Height: 1730mm
    • Folded Height: 460mm
    • Sections: 5
    • Note: DSLR and camera not included


  • Jmary Tripod KP-2208 Professional Tripod With Mobile Holder

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    • .7M 2-IN1 Monopod Aluminum
    • Model: KP-2208
    • Max working height:171cm
    • Min working height:44.5cm
    • Folded height:47.5cm
    • Max load:1.5kg
    • Weight:0.62kg
  • Octopus Tripod With Ball Head- Best For DSLR Or Smartphone Vlogging & Table Stand

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    Introducing the JM-801 Octopus Tripod: versatile, lightweight, and pliable. Compatible with phones and cameras, but not recommended for DSLRs due to its ball head design.

  • Ulanzi MT11 Octopus Tripod For DSLR Camera & Smartphones

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    **Ulanzi MT11 Octopus Tripod**

    **Price in Bangladesh:** [Check local retailers]

    – **Supports up to 2kg**: Ideal for lights, speakers, DSLRs, smartphones, tablets, and cameras.
    – **Versatile Setup**: Grip, wrap, or stand modes for photography, vlogging, and live streaming.
    – **Portable**: Lightweight and compact, fits in a backpack or pocket.
    – **Stable**: Wrappable legs and rubberized foot grips ensure stability on any surface.
    – **Warranty**: 7-day replacement warranty.

    – Easy to capture images and videos.
    – Secure device installation.
    – Professional-level stability.
    – Perfect for vlogging and tabletop videos.
    – Portable and reliable.

  • Ulanzi MT44 Extendable Vlog Tripod With 360° Ball Head

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    • Product: Ulanzi MT44 Extendable Vlog Tripod
    • Ideal For: Vloggers, content creators, photography, filmmaking
    • Extension Range: 12.7″ to 43.3″
    • Sections: 3-section construction
    • Features:
      • Ball head for easy angle adjustments
      • Lightweight and portable (weighs just over 1 pound)
      • Folds down to 10.2 inches
      • Rubber non-slip base
    • Material: Premium aluminum alloy
    • Included Accessories: Carrying bag, cold shoe mount, phone holder
    • Usage: Small cameras, smartphones, doubles as a selfie stick and micro tripod
    • Adjustments: 4-piece adjustment, 360° rotation, 90° tilt, portrait/landscape orientation
    • Warranty: 6 months
    • Price: Check local listings in Bangladesh for availability and pricing.


  • YUNTENG VCT-691 Video Camera Tripod

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    • YUNTENG VCT-691 Tripod:
      • Compatible with cellphones, DSLRs, SLRs, mirrorless cameras
      • Portable, sturdy, lightweight aluminum alloy construction
      • Four-section column leg with quick-release locking
      • Ideal for photography, YouTube videos
      • Damping effect design for precise angle adjustments
  • Zhiyun Smooth 5S Gimbal Stabilizer

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    • Enhanced integrated fill light
    • Pro 3-axis structure: cinematic dolly zoom effect
    • Sturdy motor performance, supports larger phones
    • Built-in fill lights, 650 lux peak illuminance
    • Amazing anti-shake footage
    • Bluetooth and WiFi communication
    • Supports smartphones, action cameras
    • Up to 24-hour battery runtime, 2-hour PD charge
    • Dimensions: 311x168x52 mm, weight: 625g
    • Magnetic and integrated fill lights
    • Fits phones up to 3.5″ wide, 0.4″ thick

  • ZHIYUN Smooth Q4 Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer

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    • ZHIYUN Smooth Q4 Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer
    • Ergonomic design, foldable, integrated 215mm rod
    • Multipurpose control wheel for easy operation
    • 1200mAh battery, 10-hour runtime, 2-hour charging
    • Payload: 150–280g, Bluetooth 4.2
    • Tilting angle: -260°, rolling angle: -170°, panning angle: -150°
    • Dimensions: 7.13 x 4.21 x 2.2 inches (LxWxH)
    • Origin: Continental China
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