RGB LED Flood Light- Remote Controlled IP66 Waterproof Landscape (50W, AC220V)

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50-Watt RGB LED Flood Light with Remote Control and IP66 Waterproof Rating

No additional adaptor is required for direct 220V connection.
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Constructed in China


A 50W RGB Flood Light from GearUP, Controllable from a Distance in Bangladesh.
A greener way of life, reduced emissions, energy efficiency, and a low-carbon economy are all ways to help the environment.
Effortless installation: Indoor and outdoor RGB LED floodlights are simple to set up on any surface by simply adjusting the bracket to various angles and following the included wiring instructions.

A healthy option, the RGB LED floodlight doesn’t flicker, casts a gentle glow, and lessens eyestrain.


IP66 rated RGB LED floodlight Enclosure: Waterproof, suitable for use outdoors Fifty LED lights: Multicolor
Features a Completely Rotatable Handle
Lack of Infrared and UV Rays
Superb Light Output SND LEDs are known for their low power consumption and high efficiency.
A very modest increase in temperature
The 120-degree beaming angle is both long-lasting and durable.
Technical details

50W of power
50 LED lamp beads
Degree of protection: IP65
Current: 220 volts
Working temperature: 70° Lifespan: over 50,000 hours
Flux of light: 4,800 lumens
Building substance: Aluminum
Refresh rate: 0.95 hertz
Shade Accuracy: >Ra80
Temperature for Color: UV, Warm White (3000K), Cold White (6500K).




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