Router Stand – Round Cut New Design – White Color

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Introducing our innovative round-cut router stand in Bangladesh. Crafted from premium PVC board, it’s sturdy, sleek, and non-skid, doubling as wall shelves. With its car-like design, it’s both stylish and practical, offering space-saving solutions. Easy to install, it’s perfect for organizing routers, charging stations, and more. Dimensions: 12 x 8 x 5 inches.

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The cost of a round-cut router stand in Bangladesh Our premium PVC board is the ideal material for this product because it is strong and non-skid. You’ll adore our router stand rack’s compact form and sleek, car-like shape. It’s also simple to install and construct! Qualities: Totally original, brand-new router stand design for improved wifi signal Product type: Onu, tiny UPS stand, WiFi router Suitable for use as wall shelves for exhibit pieces as well.

constructed from incredibly sturdy material PVC board mobile charging stand, phone, remote, and WiFi router Superior Grade PVC Board with a Stunning Finish Living room wall shelves Shape of a modern car, the storage rack is really beautiful and practical. Superior PVC board that is resistant to skidding, highly durable, and eco-friendly Effective use of space is achieved through innovative design and compacting solutions for limited spaces. A double-deck layout can hold a number of objects. It is straightforward to install and put together. Product dimensions: length, width, and height (12 x 8 x 5 i


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