Zhiyun Smooth 5S Gimbal Stabilizer

৳ 21,500.00

  • Enhanced integrated fill light
  • Pro 3-axis structure: cinematic dolly zoom effect
  • Sturdy motor performance, supports larger phones
  • Built-in fill lights, 650 lux peak illuminance
  • Amazing anti-shake footage
  • Bluetooth and WiFi communication
  • Supports smartphones, action cameras
  • Up to 24-hour battery runtime, 2-hour PD charge
  • Dimensions: 311x168x52 mm, weight: 625g
  • Magnetic and integrated fill lights
  • Fits phones up to 3.5″ wide, 0.4″ thick


Bangladeshi Zhiyun Smooth 5S Gimbal Stabilizer Cost
Enhanced with a potent integrated fill light and embracing the Make-It-Real philosophy, SMOOTH 5S provides an all-inclusive, yet straightforward approach to filming for all users. You have no restrictions on angles when creating inspirational content with the traditional 3-axis style. SMOOTH 5S is the perfect one-man team.

Pro 3-Axis Structure: Cinematic Dolly Zoom Effect, Unbreakable Stabilization, Free Angle Movement, and Built-In Fill Lights. Orthogonal 3-Axis Structure Unleash Full Creativity SMOOTH 5S stands out with its professional structure of 3 orthogonal pivot axes that bring you additional possibilities with more vision.

The increased gap between each axis makes it easier to record from low and extremely broad angles, letting your imagination run wild. Sturdy Motor Performance Gives Upgraded Support The magnetic steel motors with upgraded algorithms firmly power up mobile phones with enormous size. The broader phone clamp offers external lens alternatives for your next-level design. *For further information, see the list of compatible smartphones.

Unbreakable Stabilization For Cinematic Footage: The SMOOTH 5S ensures that you can fully utilize motions to convey the most captivating aspects of film while providing amazing anti-shake footage while maintaining the original definition quality. Three Times Brighter Light Up Your Imagination The SMOOTH 5S is now an all-arounder for better conveying your tale thanks to the addition of a new fill light to the tilt axis that has a 650 lux peak illuminance. All three fill lights, when combined with the two magnetic ones, provide an unrivaled lighting effect that peaks at 2040 lux. There are numerous filters and hue adjustments available.


Name of Brand: ZHIYUN
three axes:
349° is the tilting angle.
Rolling Angle: 349°
360° is the panning angle.
China’s mainland is the origin
Designed to accommodate: action cameras, smartphones
Bluetooth and WiFi for communication
Kind: portable gimbal
Packing: Indeed
Feature: None, Face Recognition, Smile Snapshot, and Following the shooting mode
Maximum Size of Supported Mobile Device: 6.2″

Accreditation: CE
Languages Supported by the App: English
Setting for the app: Yes
Vertical Aiming: Accurate
Allow remote control: Sure
Mobile device charging: Yes
660g is the weight (g)
Dimensions: 311 by 168 by 52 mm
Composition: Aluminum
Integration of Cameras: None
Specifications in Detail
Voltage of Operation
Maximum: 8.4V
Typical: 7.4V
Minimum: 6.5V
Current Operation
Maximum: 3000mA
Min: 70 mA
Temperature of Operation

Maximum: 45°C
25°C is the standard.
Min: -10°C
Voltage Output
Typical: 5V
Runtime of Battery
Maximum: 24 hours
Minimum: 2.5 hours
(The following parameters are met for data collection: a designated temperature of 25°C; an iPhone XR (220g) has been positioned on the gimbal and balanced. With the fill light at maximum brightness, the gimbal has a 2.5-hour runtime. The runtime is 24 hours while the fill light is off and the gimbal is in standby mode.)
Time Spent Charging.

Maximum: 3 hours and 40 minutes
Min: two hours
(When using a 15W Fast Charge at the designated
The charging time is 2 hours at a temperature of 25°C; the charging time is 3 hours and 40 minutes when using a 5V/2A rated power adapter at the same temperature. The actual charging time varies depending on environmental conditions.)
Mechanical Tilt Range
Maximum: 209°
Typical: 349°
Minimum: -140°
(as well as when folded)
Rolling Mechanical Scope
Maximum: 259°
Typical: 349°
Minimum: -90°
(as well as when folded)
Mechanical Pan Range
Maximum: 180 degrees
Typical: 360 degrees
Min: -180°
Product Dimensions
W*D*H = 311*168*52 mm
Net product weight (including tripod)
625g (with battery)

3-Axis Steady for Single-Person Recording
Magnetic and Integrated Fill Lights
5.3–10.6 oz. larger smartphones are supported
Fits Phones Up to 3.5″ Wide and 0.4″ Thick
Sturdy Motors, Upgraded Algorithm
Using a mobile app for live streaming
Different Templates and Gimbal Settings
Up to a 25-hour runtime and a 2-hour PD charge


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