Havit ST7012 Pro Tripod Stand With Ring Light

৳ 2,150.00

  • Product: Havit ST7012 Pro Tripod Stand with Ring Light
  • Voltage: 5V for compatibility
  • Materials: Durable metal and PC
  • Height: Adjustable from 72cm to 210cm
  • Lighting Modes: Warm, cold, and soft light
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for vlogging, live streaming, and photography
  • Availability: Check local listings in Bangladesh


The Havit ST7012 Pro Tripod Stand with Ring Light is a versatile and essential tool for content creators and photographers in Bangladesh. With an input voltage of 5V, it ensures compatibility with various power sources, offering convenience and flexibility. Crafted with durable metal and PC materials, it guarantees stability and reliability during use.

This tripod stand’s adjustable height, ranging from 72cm to 210cm when shrunk, accommodates different shooting angles and setups, providing versatility and convenience for users. Its integrated ring light features three lighting modes – warm light, cold light, and soft light, enabling users to achieve the desired lighting effect for their photos or videos.

Ideal for various applications such as vlogging, video conferencing, live streaming, and photography, the Havit ST7012 Pro Tripod Stand with Ring Light enhances the quality of your content with its versatile features and reliable performance. For those in Bangladesh seeking an efficient and affordable tripod stand with a ring light, this product offers exceptional value. Check local listings for pricing and availability to elevate your content creation experience with this professional-grade tripod stand.


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